veal rib chopsRose Veal chops benefit from a quick brine before grilling, which helps to keep them more moist and tender when grilled.  If you forget to brine or simply want to make veal chops right now take care not to over cook your chops, as the lean meat can become tough when cooked to medium or well-done.

Brining Veal Chops takes about 10 minutes in the morning; leave them in the fridge during the day for cooking that evening.  We like a 3.5% brine — you can go up to 5% brine if you like saltier meat.

For a 3.5% brine, use 1L Water and 35g Salt. For 5% brine, you would use 50g salt in 1L water.

You can add other flavorings to the brine such as spices, herbs, or sweeteners.

After brining, remove the meat from the liquid and discard the brine, then pat the meat dry with a paper towel.

Make a quick glaze to paint on the meat before grilling.  Sweet flavors do well here.  We like a mixture of diced shallots, garlic, rosemary or orange syrup, orange zest and moscato.

Paint glaze on chops, and grill to rare or medium rare.